north London adoption Counsellor

Hi welcome to alisonknightcounselling website! As you have found your way here, I am guessing that you may be considering counselling to help you with an issue or situation you may be struggling with. I understand how difficult it might be, imagining yourself telling your story to a complete stranger. However, I am very experienced in putting you at ease and I will provide a safe, confidential space for you to explore what is troubling you and together we can try and find a suitable way forward.

I believe in offering counselling to everybody who may need it regardless of age, race, culture or gender in a non-judgmental and confidential way. Offering counselling using an integrative model allows me to incorporate different ways of working within my counselling sessions, using the ideas most suitable to you and your own personal issues or circumstances. As human beings, I believe that we are socially designed to share our lives with others. Establishing a healthy and supportive relationship with your counsellor can help you develop new ways of relating to yourself and others and in turn can help you to look forward to a happier future, which I believe we all deserve!

Contact me today for details on how my North London counselling / psychotherapy service can help you take back control of your life and through counselling assist you to form more positive relationships with family, friends, colleagues and most importantly yourself.

Complete the online form on my contact page or call me for a short consultation by phone, should you prefer.

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