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I currently offer supervision and reflective practice sessions to both individuals and groups within agency and private practice settings. I support trainees, qualified therapists, support workers and group workers. I offer a safe space in which to support practitioners to explore and develop their work with clients, whilst always ensuring ethical practice.

I utilise various models such as: 7 Eyed Model, Cyclical Model and the Integrated Development Model. I work in London and Luton both in person and remotely. I am currently providing clinical supervision/reflective practice at Noah Enterprise Homeless Charity in Luton, Luton All Womens' Centre, Sexual Violence Liaison Office at the University of Law, Womens Trust Charity Groupwork team and the Connected Communities Project at Haringey Council.


Sessions are charged at between £55-£60 depending on context 

"Mutuality within the relationship is crucial to the success of supervision work as it constitutes the cornerstone upon which all else is built."

Steve Page and Val Wosket (2015)     

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