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Anxious about emerging from Lockdown?

Now that we are slowly coming out of lockdown, many people are feeling anxious about returning to work, meeting family and friends again and returning to shops, cinemas, restaurants and even travel. It is understandable that we may feel anxious. The media has bombarded us with stark and hard-hitting information, graphs and statistics about coronavirus for over a year now. We have been submerged in a state of anxiety and uncertainty for a very long time. We may have wondered who to believe? Who can we trust?

Many of us have felt disconnected and that our lives were being controlled by other people.

Now that we can exercise some more control in our own lives, it is understandable that we may experience some anxiety around that. If we take it slowly, make small steps forward and practice choosing for ourselves again, we will soon begin to relax and settle into a new normal for 2021 and beyond. I believe that choice is so important when working with our own anxiety. Think about what you want to do and why you are choosing to do it. If you feel anxious, remind yourself that you have a choice and then decide if you are going to go for it or not. If yes, push through with ideas and actions, acknowledging your anxious feelings as you go!

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