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Have we forgotten how to be social?

Since the pandemic I wonder if our social lives have gone on the back burner? Have we just got used to being on our own more? Is this a good thing, I wonder?

I believe that we humans have a biological need to connect with other people, we are social creatures.

We function better when we are connected to people. Feeling alone and isolated is not good for our health.

Here are some ways that could help get your social life back on track:

  1. Reach out to friends who you haven't spoken to in ages. It is never too late, you must have been friends for a reason

  2. Say YES to invitations. Sometimes plans don't seem ideal at first, but when you get there, you surprise yourself by how much fun you have! The more you say yes to invites, the more invites you will get!

  3. Anticipatory anxiety can prevent you from improving your social life, even before you have left home! If this feels like you, write down your fears on a piece of paper. Wait 30 mins and look at them again. Can you see other possible scenarios for you initial fears? Re-evaluate those anxious thoughts and head out that door!

  4. Find your tribe! Work out what interests you and go out and do it. That way you will meet like-minded folk and indulge in your passion.... be it reading, yoga, sewing, rambling, wild swimming, pub quizzes, etc.

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